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OEM Harley Softail Fatboy Stock Speedometer Speedo Gauge MPH Analog Non Digital. $49.99. ... For parts or not working. Price. Under $75.00. $75.00 to $150.00. Over ...
Sep 01, 2008 · On My 1999 FXDX the speedometer stops working and the red engine light stays on and the odometer goes blank after i go passed 20 mph. sometimes the odometer will flicker on and off but does not advance. Is this a problem with the speed sensor or is it another problem??? Any advice would be... I have a 2007 Harley Nightrain, which is basically just a Softail, and the other day my speedometer needle went crazy and then dropped to zero while I was on the highway. Other than the speedo issue, some of the indicator lights were randomly going off and the turn signals work but won’t automatically shut off.

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OEM Harley Softail Fatboy Stock Speedometer Speedo Gauge MPH Analog Non Digital. $49.99. ... For parts or not working. Price. Under $75.00. $75.00 to $150.00. Over ...
Learn about the key features of the Pro Super Tuner software and VCI hardware using the online training. This training will guide you through four lessons focused on first use of the software and VCI Hardware, an overview of the ESPFI System, an overview of key software features, and a step-by-step guide to tuning your motorcycle.

I have a 2003 Harley Davidson Softail Classic that has only 7500 miles on it. I purchased it new and it has had all of the checkups at each mileage interval at a Harley Dealership. I have not had any problems with the bike and would not expect too with this amount of mileage.
The fuel level display and tank-mounted fuel gauge may not always match when starting with a full tank of fuel. The tank fuel gauge utilizes a continuous sweep needle to indicate fuel level, while the speedo/tach fuel level utilizes a segmented display. Each segment represents 1/8 of a tank. This is why, once your car warms up, the temperature gauge should remain relatively static. Why Won't My Car Warm Up? If the temperature gauge isn't moving much from the lowest reading, or the car runs poorly for more than a few minutes on a cold day, the cooling system may not be working properly.

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Harley ECM Password Learn Procedure When installing a new ignition or ECM on a security-equipped Harley there is a “Password Learn” procedure that must be performed. . This applies to all Twin Cam and V-Rod models with factory security but may also apply to Twin Cam’s with
Mar 01, 2013 · I have a 87 Shasta road master RV and the fresh grey and black water level gauges are not working the RVs generator has two batteries that hook up to it and at this time I don't have batteries for it but at the time of checking the gauges it was plugged in the lights and plugs woeked but no gauges. Feb 06, 2008 · I have a 2002 Harley Dynawide glide. The speedometer quit working. The lights to the speedometer still work and the electronic reading on the odometer still is giving a reading. The speedometer just will not manually start raising with speed and the odometer will not change its reading and my turn signals will not automatically shut off. temperature coolant gauge was working fine, then just started working sometimes. now it's not working at all!when i have driven for a while i notice erratic shifting in the gears & some loss of power. i am having troyuble trying to figure out the the cause behind it. please help!!